• SafeGuard Armor MilTac Military Body Vest

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    SafeGuard’s MilTac™ is unrivalled in its protection. It is provides the utmost safety with its armor plates made with Kevlar, yet remains as light and flexible as possible. The MilTac™ is the only option for complete safety, as it comes with neck, throat, upper arm, and groin protection as standard. The tough and durable Cordura™ cover and MOLLE™ webbing ensure that your armor remains in peak condition so you can stay safe. For military personnel, there is no other option, and soldiers around the world look to the MilTac™ for unparalleled protection and comfort.


    Tough courdura cover and MOLLE webbing

    Extreamly lightweight at 6.6 lbs

    Throat, neck, groin, and upper arm coverings for complete protection

    SAPI pockets

    100% DuPont™ Kevlar® plates at the front, back, and side

    Upgrade Options:

    NIJ Level II or Level IIIA ballistic protection

    The buyer of this auction certifies you are a law abiding adult and have NO FELONY CONVICTIONS. Any known felon to possess body armor under State or Federal law is an immediate violation and you will be subject to arrest. By purchasing this body armor you agree and hold harmless the seller due to any risks or misuse, and will not hold the seller of this auction liable in any way. In addition, the seller will not assume or authorize any person to hold the seller or it's owners or agents liable in regards to the sale or intended use of the above item sold. No warranty for misuse, destructive testing or improper care will be valid including refunds on the Level III rifle plates. All carriers that are defective upon arrival will be replaced, however the defective carrier or attachments must be sent back to the seller. Any statement made in writing or verbally on the sale of the above auction, shall not validate the warranty that the above auction. Any images, testing data or descriptions or verbal communications are intended to be informational based on the best technical test data available and not a warranty of the above auction in any way. The sellers representation of the above auction, limits any type of warranty, or liability related to the use of the above merchandise. You must obey all laws both State and Federal including the safe practices while shooting. This includes the use of any and all safety equipment while using this product.

    Export of this product is restricted under US ITAR rules. NO INTERNATIONAL SALES PERIOD! This includes Canada.